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Jingle Bell 5K // 12.08.19 Austin, Texas


This race was not originally on our schedule, but when I came across it and the dates worked, we were happy to get in a local race.

5ks might be my favorite distance because A) they can act as a guide to track our progress and B) they are over quick!

I was also looking forward to doing this one as my trusty 4-legged companion could join us as well, Sam. He typically gets to join in on the fun during the Schlotzskys Bun Run but because it took place earlier than usual it was too warm for him this year.

I believe the cooler weather played a positive role for all of us. Despite the two pit stops Sam had to make, he and I turned in a third place finish in my age group. And a PR for Sam!


It's been a FUN year of racing! So I jumped at the chance to sign up for this race when Caitlin mentioned it. Plus, a late-season 5K, being in great shape, this would be my chance to close out the season with another PR in a different distance.

This race is at the Domain, and a little similar to the start of the Schlotzsky's Bun Run, a race we are very familiar with. But the fun part about this race is that it turns back toward Burnet, through more of the Domain, versus going along Mopac like the Schlotzsky's race. So it was a nice change of scenery.

My goal was to push, push, push. Typically I fade around or just before the second mile in 5Ks. I think a lot of it is mental, letting myself settle or not willing to keep "suffering" down the home stretch. I hoped this race would be different.

Also unlike Schlotzsky's, the weather was much cooler, so heat definitely would not be a factor.

The first mile seemed to get off to a good start, a manageable 8:03. Now, in my mind, was time to add a little pace and challenge myself. I did just that, and also enjoyed a bit of downhill along Alterra Parkway to notch a 7:56 mile.

However, after the downhill there was some uphill, not terrible, but enough to notice. Somehow I managed to keep the pace decent and log an 8:02 mile. But it was definitely a painful grind (in a good "racing" kind of way).

Not being familiar with the course, I wasn't exactly sure of where I was in relation to the finish line once we turned back on to Esperanza Crossing. It seemed like a long stretch of road, but I could finally hear the finish line festivities, and finally saw familiar territory, knowing there was just one right turn to home.

The course measured about .12 longer than 5K by my watch, and I tried to hold on to the pace as best I could to the finish chute. It was tough, I was winded, but I was done!

Not quite a PR on this day (hard to believe I've done better!), but grateful to come across the finish line and earn 2nd place in my age group. Podiums and racing are a lot of fun!

I enjoyed the course, the race and the challenge. The event was well organized. If it works in the schedule next year, I look forward to giving it another go.

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