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Ironman 70.3 Indian Wells-La Quinta // 12.04.22 Indian Wells, California


This race had a doozy of a lead up which probably played a big role in how my race day played out.

As we usually do, we opted to drive to Indian Wells. We left on our journey Wednesday morning and arrived in Tucson that evening to stay the night and spend the following day with friends who would also be racing Indian Wells. Thursday we all met some friends at a trailhead and set off for a bike ride.

Once we arrived back at our vehicle we noticed our car had been broken into.

Stolen were Tif’s ID and check card, my phone, purse which had my ID, check card, credit card, both of our vaccine cards, a fair amount of cash and as well as an Ironman Texas backpack which had some of our race day gear inside.

As you can imagine, this created quite a bit of stress going through this and all that is involved when something is stolen. Friday as we continued our drive to Indian Wells, Tif managed to get copies of our IDs and our vaccination records as this was needed to obtain entry into the race venue.